Financial Intelligence for Product Managers

I have been curious about how economics and finance affect our day to day lives for a quite some time. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the reverse. As a product manager, how do I currently influence my organization’s financial future?

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What Product Managers Shouldn’t Do

We are lucky in 2018. We are living and working at a time when product management knowledge and know-how is easily available. Overwhelmingly, it is top-notch writing by people who are currently actively involved in PM roles. A lot of the writing out there focuses on making product management understandable and accessible to other people. Because of this, it usually tends to cover what product managers should do.

3 min read

Dotfiles for Product Managers

Craftsman lavish as much attention on their tools as they do on the craft itself. Product managers (at least the good ones) are craftsman and we care a lot about the tools we use. We can debate endlessly on the merits of analytics or design tools. But for some reason, we don’t give much attention to the tool we spend most of our working days on….our computer.

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How I migrated my blog to a personal website in one day

Since 2014, I have been writing on and off about cryptography, command prompt setups and product management from my blog - The Lonely Atoms. It started out as a managed Wordpress instance and is now a static site created using Jekyll and Amazon S3.

2 min read

Considerations in B2B Product Management

As a Product Manager, I have always worked on B2B products. Ever since I was first introduced to product management as a term, I have devoured any article, post, book or podcast I could find on it. These resources have been a treasure trove of information, best practices and have helped me tremendously in my product management journey. But, over the years I have realized that a lot of this content is written with certain risky assumptions -